Exploring Colorful Cannabis Pioneers & Personalities: Trailblazing the Modern-Day Gold Rush 

Scottsdale, Ariz. (Feb. 5, 2024) – From Emmy award-winning creatives behind Duck Dynasty,  Deadliest Catch, Storage Wars and many others, comes another paradigm-bending television series, High  Science HighScience.com, soon to premiere on Jesse James’ streaming Outlaw TV JesseJames.com,  introducing colorful cannabis pioneers, trailblazing the modern-day gold rush, through enlightened,  humorous and entertaining storytelling. 

David McKillop, High Science Creative Director, Executive Producer and Emmy Award-winning  producer, said: “High Science turns the cannabis topic on its head, informs and entertains through  excellent storytelling that we know will captivate viewers in a surprising way. It’ll also change the industry  forever and puts a spotlight on those new to the scene and the innovators who’ve been breaking the  barrier for a long time. These are their stories presented in a rich and, yes, humorous fashion.” 

Ed Leclere, High Science Executive Producer & CEO, based in Scottsdale where he first imagined  High Science, was inspired by the healing powers of cannabis. Leclere says “I wanted to share my experience with medicinal cannabis through the surprising stories of these experts, many who’ve risked  everything over the decades because they understood the potential both financially and especially the 

therapeutic value at stake.”  

Added Leclere: “David and I along with our incredible team and partners have turned this idea  into sensational television. This season is a ‘crash course’ on cannabis and it’s highly entertaining as we  delve into the lively characters who are the real trailblazers. We found the characters and came up with  the idea, but David put the puzzle together. It took me to meet David to take High Science where it is  today.”  

High Science is fun, entertaining and perhaps most of all, informative on this new fronter. 


“High Science” TV Series Premieres on Outlaw TV in Early 2024 / 2 

Jesse James, entrepreneur, West Coast Choppers television personality and now founder/creator  of Outlaw TV streaming network, which is in negotiations to be offered on a major television platform,  said: “High Science is a real fit for Outlaw TV, with its passionate, nonconforming cast of characters. They  work with their hands like many of the craftsmen, artisans and original personalities we showcase.  Cannabis is a booming, intriguing industry and High Science educates and entertains in a big way. I’ve  worked alongside David for many years on numerous projects, so when he told me about the show and  the way it opens people’s eyes to the story of cannabis, I knew it was something special for Outlaw TV  members. It’s fun and fascinating.”  

Father/son duo Rich Batenburg Jr. and son Richard “Rick” Batenburg III host High Science TV in a zany, revealing style. Father Rich brings calm to the dynamic exploration of the fledgling cannabis industry.  Son Rick is the frenetic entrepreneur traveling the world to unearth colorful cannabis tycoons. Through  the force of the father/son relationship and the unconventional characters in this burgeoning, untethered  multibillion-dollar industry, the show delivers a bounty of quirky exploits as it reveals the real benefits of  cannabis for everyday people.  

High Science presents a front row seat to programs that originate from Arizona to Australia,  California to New England, to deliver captivating stories of pioneers breaking the barriers. Among the  trailblazers: 

  • Jon Piasecki aka “Cyclops” of Wiseacre Farm. Ivy League-educated award-winning landscape  architect and sun-grown cannabis farmer in the Berkshires in Massachusetts; 
  • Moe Asnani & Chip Boyden, Ilava. Founders of highly successful Arizona dispensaries and  grow houses. As perhaps the most innovative cannabis brands, more than a decade in  business, Ilava is dedicated to helping people find wellness through cannabis; 
  • “Chem Dog” aka Greg Krzanowski aka “Father of Kind Bud.” Said to be sommelier-like and  can tell with a whiff what a bud is all about; 
  • Brendan & Kevin McKernan, Medicinal Genomics. Brothers who worked on the Human  Genome Project before focusing on cannabis strains for cancer patients and children with epilepsy; 
  • Meg Sanders & Erik Williams of Canna Provisions. CEO Meg is a rare female in the industry,  opening the hip Canna Provisions dispensaries in Western Massachusetts. Erik, formerly of  NORML, oversees the business operations and expansion; 
  • Sjoerd Broeks of Haze Valley Nursery. Aka “Johnny Appleseed” knows all things seeds, history  of all strains, hidden stashes in Northern California and the latest “high THC” cannabis trend;  • John Worton & Stuart Marsh of Cannim. Four Jamaican brothers led by CEO John with CCO  Stuart, headquartered in Sydney, Australia with manufacturing in Germany and Portugal,  Cannim is setting its sights globally; 
  • Nate Lipton of Growers House. What started as a father-son enterprise, now led by Nate,  offers one-stop shopping — from growing tools to “CannaCribs;” 


“High Science” TV Series Premieres on Outlaw TV in Early 2024 / 3 

  • Johnny Hamala of Greenfingaz Farmz. With his trademark green-painted fingernails, Johnny  evolved from touring musician to flower industry to cannabis overseeing a greenhouse  operation in Northern California;  
  • Kelley Moss. Referred to as an OG, with decades in the business, landing on both sides of the  law with an outlook that favors the pioneers vs. the suits; 
  • Yuri Downing of Angel Shark. Among the first with a winning ticket for a license to grow in  Arizona, Yuri invests in cannabis companies at all stages of growth; 
  • Mike Kent of RI Hemp. Rhode Island real estate developer focused on growing New England’s  largest processor and producer of high-grade hemp and CBD products; 
  • Brian Carney of Green ‘n Go. Refashioning a carwash into a dispensary known for its  knowledgeable ‘budtenders,’ his next move is Massachusetts’ first drive-thru dispensary. 

High Science will be available to subscribers of Outlaw TV anticipated to debut early this year.  Register at JesseJames.com for the latest on Outlaw TV. Outlaw TV will feature the adventures of High  Science along with the larger-than-life, uncompromising personalities of Jesse James in American  Craftsman; Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers in Senior Living; and Billy Lane in Sons of Speed,  among others. Outlaw TV.co coming soon. 

About High Science TV. High Science TV shares the lively exploits of colorful characters around the world, trailblazing  all things cannabis in pursuit of the modern-day gold rush. From Emmy Award-winning producer David McKillop who  gave life to Duck Dynasty, Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, and others; and Executive Producer Ed Leclere whose  health challenges made cannabis benefits a vivid reality, High Science delivers a front row seat to amusingly  captivating stories. Father/son show hosts Rich Batenburg Jr. and Richard “Rick” Batenburg III explore legendary seed  gurus, relentless cultivators, expansive growers, pioneering product makers and imaginative dispensary owners as  they break the barriers of this new frontier. The lively storytelling unmasks the mystical powers of the ancient  cannabis plant and its innumerable uses through dynamic entertainment. Be first to see High Science by pre registering at JesseJames.com. For the latest, follow High Science @HiHighScience. For further details, shopping  and more, visit HighScience.com