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High Science 420 Mobile

Where Premium Cell Coverage Meets High Savings

Introducing HS 420 Mobile:
A New Way to Support Cannabis Freedom

With High Science 420 Mobile, not only can you save money on your phone plan while enjoying the same or better coverage, but you can also live your values.

At High Science, we're dedicated to educating the public and policymakers on the potential benefits of cannabis and other substances for various medical conditions and quality of life issues.

We believe everyone deserves access to safe and effective treatments, especially those who are underserved or marginalized. That's why we support rigorous research and advocacy efforts to expand the availability and affordability of these promising therapies for all segments of society.

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Not Sure Which Network or Plan is Right for You?

Our U.S.-based Support Team is Here to Assist You!

Whether you need help understanding the difference between our Red & Purple network carriers, selecting the perfect data plan, or have any other questions, just give us a call or chat.


When It Comes to the Network, 420 Mobile Has You Covered

Bring your own wireless device to any of the Nation's best cellular networks. High Science 420 Mobile allows you to get the coverage you want, contract free, saving up to 50% of what you're paying the same carrier directly.

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Why Choose HS 420 Mobile

"Stay Connected with High Science 420 Mobile - The Cell Plan for Modern Cannabis Enthusiasts.
Affordable Bills, U.S. Based Support, and Community Commitment!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We can transfer most phone numbers from your current provider. However, there might be specific circumstances where your number isn't eligible for transfer. We recommend contacting our support if you want to make sure!

Yes, you can get 420 Mobile service on your current phone as long as it is compatible. Compatible phones include: GSM Unlocked phones, AT&T-compatible phones, T-Mobile-compatible phones, Verizon-compatible phones, and some CDMA Technology compatible phones.

Once you place an order a SIM card will be shipped to the address provided. The package will contain detailed instructions on how to start your service. If you need assistance please feel free to reach out by Live Chat or by phone at 1-877-420-6625.

To pay your bill you can login to and click the “Renew Now” button. Then, select the plan you wish to purchase. You can also call in to make a payment with one of our customer service representatives at 1-877-420-6625.

You can request help via phone at 1-877-420-6625; email, Live Chat on this page, or access our self help documents by clicking "Support" in the menu, or visit

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